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Mona on Radio Free Moscow i USA

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Mona Grytøyr - Artist & Låtskriver - Jessheimdagene 2021

NEVER BEEN BETTER: Mona Grytøyr anno 2021 has never appeared better musically. We dare that claim, and we look forward to hear more from her. Also, kudos to the the musicians.

Mona was challenged early in life!

Already at the age of 12, she was in the spotlight, with her performance “Hit me with your best shot” at Halvsju in 1984. This image stuck for a long time. She moved away from home early and wandered somewhat rootlessly from environment to environment and made her experiences. As a young adult, she raised two daughters after a breakup in Oslo. Eventually she moved back to her home village of Mogreina in Ullensaker where she now  lives an ordinary life.

Vulnerability and strength together in growing up and adulthood is a comprehensive description of Mona. Extreme as the shy twelve-year-old we saw presenting herself on national television (before she let loose with a voice like a 25-year-old) and a well-grown and mature woman today.

She is a creative soul

She is a creative soul and expresses herself with form, color and music. She often uses music to clear her own mind. The lyrics are about relationships. How can we learn about others and ourselves so that we can get the best out of life? This is a question that Mona likes to try to find an answer to.

More presence in her own life means that Mona takes up songwriting again. Two Grytøyrers are better than one, sister Stine puts a bit of her life into the lyrics. They have different life experiences and starting points, but like to play each other well. Humor in the lyrics comes naturally in precisely this collaboration, humor, seriousness and irony in a beautiful combination.

Mona gives herself another chance

With an unusually clear voice and flair for good melodies, Mona gives herself another chance, after a long stay. This time she has both hands on the wheel and she takes an active part in the productions.

Mona serves life itself, as it actually is, unfiltered. Treat yourself to it, treat yourself to a dose of wisdom and life without a filter. With catchy chorus.

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